Our Mission

RIDE COSTA RICA is a company dedicated to the private and shuttle transport to the main tourist destinations. Was founded in 2009, with the purpose of improve in every aspect of this service; creating better routes, more efficient transport logistics and above all, excellent customer service.

Every day with every mile we travel, our experience grows, and our grade of satisfying our customers, who are the foundation of our company.

Ride Costa Rica Mission
Ride Costa Rica Customer Support

Rapid Response

RIDE COSTA RICA is characterized by its rapid response to requests to our customers, along with a great flexibility when booking. We have a large network of companies that offer our services throughout the country, so you can always count with our service.

Travel with us and discover the true meaning of a safe and comfortable transportation in Costa Rica. Meet the friendliness and warmth of Costa Ricans by our drivers, who will do the best to make your trip a great experience.