1. Sale available until 6 hours before the service subject to availability (collective).
  2. Cancellations without charge can be made within 24 hours before departure, after that term, will be charged 50%.
  3. For any reason, including flight delays, the passenger does not appear at the place and time set, RIDECR charged 100% of the amount by no show.
  4. The “pick up” time established in the reserve may vary due to traffic jams or delays while waiting for other passengers. In these cases RIDECR promises to keep informed the person who made the reservation.
  5. The vehicle will wait only 10 minutes in the assigned place, since it is a shared service and scheduled. If the passenger does not appear after the timeout elapsed, RIDECR charge 100% of the fee for no show. (Collective)
  6. Each passenger is allowed one item of hand luggage one regular luggage. On items must remain with the passenger at all times during the trip. RIDECR is not responsible for loss or damage on items that are not properly supervised by the passenger. This includes items incorrectly placed inside the trunk.
  7. Customer must report when brings a lot of baggage with them, this in order to verify if the space vehicle is right. (Private)
  8. Children 3 -10 years pay 50% of the adult fare.
  9. Children under 5 years old should use a special chair during the trip. These are provided free of charge and must be requested at time of booking.
  10. For each surfboard (maximum 7 feet long) and for each additional item of baggage will be charged an amount of $ 10.00. Both elements need to be reported when making your booking for any service.
  11. Services include a rest stop for passengers and driver. This stop may be a connection point or may involve a change of vehicle depending on the route. (Collective)
  12. Pets are not allowed on buses (except for guide dogs accompanied by their owners).
  13. RIDECR not responsible for lost or abandoned in the vehicles during the journey.
  14. RIDECR not responsible for schedule changes in transportation, delays or accidents or natural disasters.
  15. RIDECR can change or cancel any service for reasons beyond our control such as strikes, weather conditions, war or local guerrillas, public demonstrations, natural disasters or acts of terrorism. In either case we will do our best to make the customer reach your destination if possible, but no refunds will be given for such situations.
  16. If any fee or destination is not listed in our options please contact us for a quote as soon as possible