Poás Volcano

The Poas Volcano is the main attraction in one of the country’s most frequently visited national parks. It’s one of Central America’s most accessible volcanoes, and its close proximity to the capital city makes it a destination that’s not to be missed.

Visitors can closely observe this active volcano’s crater at 3,000 meters of altitude. Visitors can essentially climb to the very top, which isn’t commonly possible at other volcanoes around the world.

There’s a lookout point that provides an excellent view of the 1.3 kilometre wide and 300 meter deep main crater, which is surrounded by Costa Rica’s iconic cloud forest. At the bottom of the crater, you can see a light blue lagoon that’s constantly emitting gas and heat.

Poas Volcano  National Park is open every day from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. Entrance to the park costs $15 for foreign visitors.